Howard Stoate

From Nhs It Info

(Dartford, Labour - Member, Health Committee)

House of Commons Debate(22 Jan 2002)

"The Kaiser Permanente study bears close examination because of the much shorter bed stays and fewer bed occupancy days a year per 1,000 of the population. It invests far more money in primary care, information technology and communication technology to enable that to happen. It provides a seamless service from admission to convalescence. The Government and the NHS could learn from that."

House of Commons Debate (20 mar 2006)

"[Choose and Book] is certainly happening in my constituency, in my practice and in my primary care trust area. Of course there are teething problems; of course it is taking longer than we thought it would take; of course there are massive difficulties with an IT system that is as enormous as the new NHS IT programme. I am not saying that the arrangements are perfect. I am not saying that the NHS has achieved nirvana, because clearly it has not."

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